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Please Help with the new RRR Promo Video!

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I would love for you AND/or your children to appear in the upcoming RRR video!   NO NAMES WILL BE USED.

     If you're willing to help out, please send me video files of yourself and/or your children dancing along with the videos below. Ideally, we'll only have one person visible in each recording (so if you have 2 children, you'd send me one set of videos for one child and then another set of videos for the other child....and then possibly another set of videos for yourself  =)       If it's a deal-breaker to do so many recordings, go ahead and send me a one set of videos that captures everyone together! 


Please send me actual video files (not links to youtube) to:

DUE DATE: Please send the video files by Friday July 7.

     After you send me your video files, I will edit them into a box and you will appear in a "Brady Bunch"/zoom-style montage, like this: 

For children ages 3-11 years old, please make a video recording dancing along with these videos:

1.  Jumping Jacks & clapping note values

2. Singing the "A" Major Scale


4. Minuet 2

For children and adults 12 years old and older, please make a video recording dancing along with these videos:

1. Cubic Z dancing and conducting

2. Minuet 2

3. Dance Party Mix #2 



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